Welcome to the LoCo Fly Shop

When the Pandemic hit. I was at home watching my 9 month old son. My emails and phone calls from my fishing guide job where coming in with all the cancelations for trips I had booked for the season. Travel was being shut down, and I didn't know if I was going to be able to make a living. I still remember looking at my son wondering how I was going to be able to take care of him. I knew I had to do something.

I had grown up working in wood shops from my father and grandfather.  My father had left me some tools from when he was a cabinet maker. I called my family to go pick them up from the basement and the LoCo Fly Shop was born.

I hope you enjoy one of my handmade pieces.

We are a Veteran/Artisan owned company. We give a portion of our proceeds to the American Saltwater Guides Association, Oyster Restoration, and Sea Turtle Patrol to help leave this planet better than we found it. 

Featured Products

Turtle Inlay Cutting Board

Help us Save the Sea Turtles. Hand Made with Black Walnut and Curly Maple wood. We give a portion of our proceeds to the Hilton Head Sea Turtle Patrol.


Baby Toy Rattles Natural Wood

A perfect gift for baby showers and that newborn or baby in your life.  

Stand out with this unique Handmade Baby Rattle Gift.  All Natural Wood Baby Toy Rattle. No Chemicals , No paint, No Plastic, and no Stain. I use all Natural Mineral Oil as a finish to protect the wood and our babies of this world.
This Rattle doubles as a Christmas Ornament as Babies grow up to last a lifetime.


Trout Wood Fly Box

Trout Wood Fly boxes are made with Walnut and epoxy inlay. The inside has a two tone boat deck foam. These boxes alow you to stand out where ever you are.  Hand made in the USA. We give a portion of our proceeds to Oyster restoration and the American Saltwater Guide Association to help preserve our waterways.

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Fly Tying Mats

After having another dumbbell eye bounce and roll off the table.  We made a fly tying mat that has a trough to help catch those beads, eyes, etc. Place holders carved out to help keep your stuff organized and separated.  The backing is a shiny black diamond rubber which can be used to get some cool pictures.


Foam Patch Hats

We make these foam patch hats with  boat deck two part foam.  They work great to put your flies in and not ruin the lid.

Fly Tying Hemp Wood Tool Caddy, Hilton Head Island, Low Country products, Fly Fishing Hilton Head

Hemp Wood Fly Tying Tool Caddy

Go in style to your next Fly Tying get together with this hand made Hemp Tool Caddy.


Hemp Wood Tool Caddy

We Love our hats! We love the foam fly patch and the hat fits comfortably. We can't wait to get them salty.

Suzie Moskal

These fly tying mats are a damn fine idea. I spend more time looking for what i just had than actually tying most of the time.

Bryan Bowers

I love my new flybox... it is unique and distinctive with the "tailing redfish" engraving, always reminding me of our special adventures on the great saltwater flats.  I have filled it with the custom flies you inspired me to create! 

Warmest Regards, 

David Aderhold