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Captain Mark Nutting

Bio by Bryan Bowers

Captain Mark grew up in the northeast United States; cutting his fly fishing teeth on some of the toughest gamefish that swim in the Atlantic. Legends and pioneers of the sport like Bob Popovics, Dave Skok, etc. helped shape his techniques and he has benefited from watching them first hand at various events early in life. His thirst for the sport and angling skills did not go unnoticed, and at an age when most boys were just learning to tie a Windsor knot on Sunday mornings, Mark was tying flies commercially for several local shops.

After high school Mark’s desire for anything and everything related to fishing lead him south to Nicaragua and Costa Rica were he guided professionally and further honed his craft. In-depth knowledge of rigging, boat handling, and everything related to sport fishing was gained in two of the most sought after destinations for serious adventure seeking anglers.

After his South American journey Mark proudly served our Country and protected our freedoms in the United States Navy. During his time in the service he was also able to experience different angling opportunities across the globe; taking highly sought after species of sport-fish like Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit on the fly. Most importantly, Mark discovered a passion for a gamefish that would change his life like none other; the red drum, or redfish. His passion for pursuing this hearty saltwater gamefish set in motion an exciting new direction to his journey.

Mark’s love for all things fishing has lead him to the South Carolina Lowcountry, a place he is proud to call home and spread deep roots. In these dark and salty waters he takes a lifetime of angling knowledge and uses it to provide the best fishing experience possible for his clients. Truly, his passion has no equal in the sport fishing industry; a statement his clients would gladly affirm.

Bryan Bowers

Freelance Outdoor Writer & Photographer; and damn proud to call Captain Mark Nutting his friend. 

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